Friday, 6 March 2009

Buckingham Palace2

Buckingham Palace, from the panorama photo I made. Used just a triad of colours, I liked the experiment. Sky was added last, usually done first. I like the harmony of the colours, secret of using just 3 of them. Not too much detail, just let the colours flow on the paper but defined the major shapes. I like the visual impact. Comments please!

Size 51x33cms, ready to be framed. Thanks for looking.


  1. much better appa, i like this painting, its different from your last one, especially the left side: the path and the people and the trees. it is simple and efective, but you know that i prefer details. good job, frame it and add to the collection!

  2. Thanks Srich, there is just enough detail on the fountain statue, will add more detail in the next one!