Monday, 21 September 2009

Of horses and cows

Before I pushed off for a weekend painting workshop, I had started a painting of two horses in a West Yorkshire farm which I had photographed on a visit in August. We were returning from a guided tour of 'The Last of the Summer wine Locations' in the quaint village of Holmefirth. When we saw the horses in the field, I was reminded of ' the White Horse Pub' which had featured in the longest running comedy serial! I took many photos, this one stood out asking to be painted. Here is the photo and the painting. Used Bockingford 425 gsm Extra rough surface, 51 cm x 34 cm, with SAA Artist paints.

This was done on the first day of the painting workshop. The Saturday weather was so good, we did not want to keep indoors painting the sketches we did in the forenoon, so we pulled out our tables and chairs and sat outside the Newbiggin in Teesdale village hall and started painting the glorious scene in front of us after a brief stint of sketching them. Made a few compositional changes, herding the cows to the right. Same materials as above. The size of the painting is 49 cm x 32 cm.
Comments and criticism welcome!