Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My loved one/s!

Blue and yellow - two of my loved primaries, close to my heart, are the basic colours in these two paintings! The yellow roses I wanted to finish on Valentine day but could not and the blue one I finished today . The roses were from a demo in a magazine, just wanted to loosen up, the ship painting is a repeat of my earlier study which I wanted to do on a bigger sheet of paper, just to re-experience the joy I had while painting the blue sky and the water  for the first time. Thanks for your time, comments welcome!


  1. excellent!! you paint still life very well and the ship scene is stormy, the waves are better than the original.

  2. Hi Muru!

    I wholly agree with Srich.


  3. The lively,jubilant roses are such a contrast to the turbulence and storm in the second painting!They are both beautiful.Excellent.