Monday, 8 March 2010

Sunset in God's Own Country

This one is from Kerala, God's own country. I had a photo of the coconut trees and some boats in the backwaters. I wanted to add some drama by making it a sunset scene, so that I can play with colours. The distant row of trees is a device to give depth to the scene. The horizontal boats balancing the vertical trees. The coconut foliage was the difficult part of the painting. I enjoyed doing the water and the reflections. Hope you will like the painting-done on Arches rough surface, half sheet.
  Comments welcome, or just let me know your reactions just with a click.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Just got back from Kerala, so brings back the feel! Warm and pleasant!!

  2. Muru,
    When I visited India Kerala was one of my favorite places because of such scenes. Thanks for the tips on using the distant trees to create depth. Very effective. It is a beautiful painting.