Monday, 23 May 2011

Jallikattu- traditional sport of Tamilnadu

Jallikattu- an ancient sport still prevalent in Tamilnadu villages, takes place around the harvest festival of Pongal in January each year. It is about taming a sort of wild bull (grown specially for the Jallikattu) which is let loose for the bold and powerful youth of the village to bring it under control. This painting depicts such an action packed scene, I tried to bring out the energy and the speed of the participants and the animal. It was quite a challenge for me but the dynamism of the composition hooked me to attempt it! I had sprayed paint to imitate the movement and the dust around.

Jallikattu- taming of the bull!

I used handmade Indian paper (Khadi) which is very versatile and I am loving it! Thanks for viewing, comments welcome!

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  1. This is barbaric and the SC should immediately ban it as no political party will do it for fear of votes. Morever seeing so many Tamilians complaining that this objection is against them is also so fooolish. Be it Tamils or Up iites,such type of inhuman treatment to the animals is intolerable.