Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Eyeing London!

All eyes are now on London (2012 Olympics)! One gets to see so much of  London these days on the telly! This painting of the 'London Eye' is just an exercise in nostalgia! London Eye in itself is a much hyped up tourist spot of London and in my opinion is a  highly over-rated! Most of the time the London weather does not permit a clear view! Not worth the trouble you go through! Many even call it the 'London Eye(sore)', spoiling the beautiful London skyline! But why I wanted to paint it is because it is just there, a humangus circle object visible from anywhere in London! Also I was inspired by a beautiful photo of that I happened to come across in the Facebook! (Thanks to a friend).

I thought it was an easy subject to do but once started, I realised the numerous spokes posed a big problem! You need a steady hand for those straight lines! Once the painter Charles Evans said  that red wine helps-he was just joking! This painting is alcohol-free!

Arches 140lb Cold Pressed paper 34x40 cm W&N paints. 

Thanks for viewing! Have a nice day!

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