Monday, 2 February 2009

Parliament from Thames

Did this today, after 3 failed attempts of 'bigben in night'- which will never see light! A consolation piece! I am growing to like this one, had some tough moments doing this. Have a look! First one to come out of the new desk I set up! Took a long time though! Thanks for looking.


  1. appa, this is a very nice this a sketch or a bigger painting? I like it, the sky is nice as is the Thames. The foliage could be improved but it is not bad. I cant see clearly from my computer but it seems that the right part of the building may be a little crooked. i know the river is curving so it shldnt look straight but still there may be some crookedness. not sure though. good painting, i like it.

  2. Mama, it looks good. I like the fact that the first building which is closer to the viewer is a lot sharper, but the foliage between the two buildings and the second one could be clearer.