Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Sqare, too much to do with the buildings and the statues and the fountains and the people, but I tried to simplify, here is the result. For better effect, I cropped the painting, which is below, comments please. Thanks for l0oking.


  1. another good one appa, i like the whole picture (not cropped) better. It is not quite the same as your reference picture u sent me earlier..for example the museum is facing us in your painting but in the reference is it facing the lion. but i like can mat and frame this one and add to the buckingham palace next.

  2. Wow.. This is beautiful.. Simplicity works better with watercolors.. The tough thing is to know when to stop.. You got this right :)

  3. Thanks Srich, the reference photo is a panorama thats why the confusion!

    Thanks Ramana, true I stopped before the details can overtake me!