Sunday, 9 August 2009

St Martin le Redon, Lot region, France, 2 paintings with one subject

The focal point is the same building but one is from the front and the other is from behind. I like both the angles, so decided to make two different paintings.
The first one is done using half sheet of Lanaquarelle 300gms Rough and the second one with Arches 300gms Rough as I finished with Lanaquarelle stock! SAA artist tubes of raw sienna, rose madder, burnt umber, burnt sienna, sap green, cobalt blue and french ultramarine made up my palette. Comments and criticism welcome, as always!
First painting:

Second painting:


  1. Mama,

    I think the first one needs some more work. The building looks a bit stark and could use some more detail. The second one looks nice.

  2. Hi Sriram, thanks, I have edited the photo and reloaded it now, which is closer to the real one.