Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Valentre Bridge is a landmark bridge of Cahors, the capital of the region which is also famous for its Cahors wines. This bridge is supposed to be the only 'fortified bridge' in all of Europe! I visited this town in July this year and this is my 6th painting from that trip! Am I not inspired! Here is the reference photo taken by me which I faithfully followed in the painting.

Here is the painting. I made this painting on Bockingboard 200lb rough paper, 52cm x 31cm. Used SAA artist tubes.

I made special effort to portray the grass in the right hand side, using masking fluid, toothbrush to spray the paint in many layers waiting for one layer to dry before the next spray. I like the result, though it was hard work! Thanks for viewing and comments and criticisms welcome!


  1. very nice appa, but maybe you can improve the shadows on the hill just like in the photo? otherwise great job!

  2. Thanks Srich, I have added more darks on the hill behind to make the bridge come forward. It works! Thanks!