Wednesday, 28 April 2010

One from Rajasthan!

Rajasthan always evokes emotions of bright and bold colour and exotic expanses of landscapes which are unique to this western state of India. I tried to combine both in this landscape with the focus on the colourful ladies fetching water. The lonely and bewildered goat acts as an eye-stopper and also as a contrast to the blithe group of colourful ladies. Done on Indian hand-made paper, 71 cm x 52 cm. Thanks for looking and comments welcome!


  1. Rajasthan was one of my favorite stops in India! You captured the feeling of the place in a subtle, breath-filled way. Nicely done. (But I wish the goat was a cow, my prejudice!!)

  2. Thanks, Nicole, I debated over a cow but alas it has to wait, I think!

  3. raghunathsankar@gmail.com29 April 2010 at 10:14

    Very nice , Murugesan,

    best wishes, raghu

  4. nice one! and in defence of the goat: it's native to the region whereas cows are not :)

  5. Thansk Raghu.
    Madhuri, thanks, do I settle for a camel then?

  6. The feel has been well captured!!