Friday, 9 July 2010

On Her Majesty's Service

Close on the heels of my previous portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, comes this one, totally unplanned, unprepared! There were other projects waiting to be started, some waiting to be finished, but why did I embark on doing the Queen again? Of course I am not obsessed with the Royalty, except that on two different occasions, I chanced to meet them, the Queen and Prince Phillip,(Queen's Garden Party and Cambridge Hon'y Degree Convocation) recently. This is from a photo while she was on a visit to Canada recently. The earlier one was when she was at the Wimbledon this year.
(P.S: 1. Just a thought, on both these occasions, is she wearing the same dress? Is it due to the Squeeze?
2. At this rate, will I end up doing Merkel? Time only will tell.) Thanks for viewing! Comments welcome.

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