Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Putting Punch into Watercolour

Just returned from a grinding 3 day painting course 'Putting Punch into Watercolour' by famous painter and author Tony Paul in  a picturesque village - Castle Rising in West Norfolk, close to Kings Lynn. He taught us a new technique developed by him and for 3 days we were trying to put that to work in our paintings. We did all our paintings 'pleine aire'  and under difficult weather conditions. Especially the second day when we went to Old Hunstantion beach where it was very windy and blistery. I enjoyed the whole trip thoroughly and the experience of painting outdoors, the course was finished off with the teacher's analysis and  evaluation of all our paintings. Though I understood his concept, I could not bring that out in my paintings because of various reasons, but I plan to redo all of them to see if I can master the technique he taught us. Here are some of the pictures from the course:
The West Norfolk Arts Centre
Our teacher giving tips
The subject of our teacher's demo

The result of the teacher's demo

My effort, after spending a good 3 hours!

My effort of the afternoon, had tough time with my greens!

Subject of my Sunday morning painting, Old Hunstantion beach.

My painting done in typical coastal windy conditions. My easel was blown up twice and my palette was full of sand!
Our well earned lunch, at the Ancient Mariner.
We moved into the village of Old Hunstantion to paint in less hostile conditions. I chose this subject for my painting.
After 3 hours, I produced this.
After the class, I managed to do some sightseeing, this lavender farm was fascinating!
I chose this view for my subject on the third day.
My painting of it.
I was not sure if we understood what we were taught well enough, so we requested for another demo, which Tony Paul kindly agreed to.

His version of the same scene. All in all it was a very demanding 3 days and every moment of it was enlightening. Lots to think over and lots to put into practice! Thanks for sharing my experience! Have a nice day! Looking forward to the big event in London coming week, 'Art for All' by Society for All Artists in Islington Business Design Centre!


  1. hi appa, the only painting of yours i liked was the hunstation beach coastal scene which was very good. in the others your foliage is not like Tony Pauls. The other painting i liked was the village of old hunstation. but the tree on the far left can be improved. good job! keep working on this new technique.

  2. Lovely views. Good work. I feel the greens look slightly 'pasty' both on left side & one on the foreground, but as a whole Nice.-- Amar.

  3. Muru,
    Saw your watercolour adventure, and noted with interest as to how a subject can be depicted by two artists in differing ways! Your artistry is as good as the trainer's, allowing of course for his narrower focus. Unlike most of us you at least need not have post-retirement Blues !!