Monday, 12 October 2009

Brighton Pier

Painting piers is every painter's dream. It offers challenges like the sea, sky, people, buildings and ships. Perspective also plays an important part of it. Am I ready for it? I Just gave it a go. My first wash of the sky was lighter than I wanted but I went over it a second time. It was risky but paid off. The beach area was actually shingles but I simplified it by making it sandy. I enjoyed doing this one. Hope you do the same looking at it.

 Here is the referene photo:

 Here is the painting: 52 cm x 31cm Saunders Wateford 640 gms Not surface

Comments welcome!
Thanks for looking.


  1. one of my favourites so far! excellent work appa.

  2. The Brighton painting is an outstanding piece. This reminds me of the Scheveningen Beach near The Hague, The Netherlands. This painting brings back my nostalgic memories during our stay in Netherlands. Fantastic job Mr.Murugesan. Keep it up.

  3. Perfect one ....once again a great piece of work...i think this is one is one my best!!!!

    Annnal for the first time i have found a fault in your painting...i.e i am able to find aaaru vidhuyasangal(six difference like anantha vikutan) LOL!!!! between your painting and picture....there are some missing people.

    My Pro tip :-Next time atha niyabagam vachukunnum ok.

    Good one :-)

  4. Oh Muru! This one is really really good. I like how the sky seems to be in motion. actually the whole scene is very vivid and alive. congrats!