Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hollyhocks: A Floral

Did something different! A floral! Just for the heck of it! I used a photo from the image library of Wetcanvas Forum. Masked the drawing to do the background, floated washes very wet in wet, the result is not what I expected. When dry, removed the masking and did the flowers and the leaves.Some of the paper surface came off with the masking, (I should have used a different paper). Still not so bad, the leaves do not show very well because of the dark background, but the flowers stand out in contrast. May be I will avoid the pitfalls next time.Enjoyed the experience, though. 

W&N Artist Watercolour paper 37 x 30  cm


  1. very nice departure from your normal subjects. well done!

  2. neenga solati yarukum therinjurukathu....i think this is your first close up drawing. Good one!!! i love the flowers ...they really stand out!!!!

    I think you can do more of these in future.

  3. Thanks Raju, you are always supportive, shall do more of florals, it is exciting!