Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jack and Jill: Twin Windmills near Brighton

Last week we were in Brighton and surroundings. It was a Sunday and may be the 'last of the summer days' for this year, sunny barbecue weather like no other seen so far. We chanced upon a picnic spot on top of a small hill with two windmills next to each other! It made a lovely sight what with farms full of sheep and a few horses not to mention cows. I managed to do a sketch or two on the spot of the windmills and the animals. I hope you will like the paintings I made later, using the reference photos I took, all of them are here for you to see and comment. Thanks for looking!
The first one:(Photo)

The Painting:
70cm x 40 cm
Bockingford 420g/m Rough

The second one:(The Photo)

The painting:
51cm x 36cm Arches 300g/m Rough



  1. hi appa, both paintings are wonderful and you have captured two different moods, but i like the sky of the first one better than the second.

  2. It is dreamy, calming and sweet!