Tuesday 28 April 2009


This is the third version, made for Vaish because the other original is bought already in the exhibition. Here is the painting already sold:

Have a look!

Friday 24 April 2009

Pirohova again

This is the most admired painting in the exhibition, in all three wanted to buy it! I promised my niece I would make one for her after the exhibition. Since much water had flown down the Dnieper(now Thames) since I painted the original, (below),

I thought I should do a study before attempting the painting, and here it is:

For me the sky in the original had some warmth, which is different in the study, what do you think, skies are mostly accidental, but I can try to add the same warmth in the painting I am going to do soon.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Late Entry

Just at the last moment, this painting came to life, finished, framed and already hung in the gallery for tomorrow's opening! I took the photo before framing, while framing remembered that I should lift off a door from the left side of the Church, the shadowed side, did so and framed. So this is not the final version. Comments welcome.