Friday 31 July 2009

Village Scene: Belaye, Lot valley, France

Got down to do some painting, after a long interval! There were too many things to paint, after the visit to France and the 3 days at the Art event 'All About Art' in London. This is done on a half sheet which has become my usual paper size these days. Rough Lanaquarelle paper 300 gms, much to my liking. I added the figures from some other photo taken from the same village. Here is the reference photo and the painting.

Thursday 16 July 2009

Lot Valley Plein aire paintings

Spent a fantastic week at the Lot Valley, France. I carried my painting kit, just a palette, no tube paints since I just carried a cabin baggage in the budget airlines, a watercolour block and 6 basic brushes. The place I stayed in was Frayess Haute, a self catering establishment. It has 3 units, Bread House, Barn and the Tower. I stayed in the Tower, which has fantastic views of the sky, hills and the whole of the property. I made 4 pleine aire paintings, one of which-the Bread House- I gifted to the Landlady. I had a barbeque table to sit comfortably and paint this one. Here it is:

The next one is a church from a nearby village, called St Martin le Redon. I did this when my friend went to play tennis for an hour and a half. I had a nice place to sit opposite the church.No discomfort at all. There was hardly anyone that evening, totally deserted. It is a very small village.

This painting took lots of my energy. I walked one evening some 8 kms to this village called Montcabrier, and this site looked like medieval remains of a castle, I had to sit on the grass with lots of insects flying about, I had to hurry it up but enjoyed every bit of doing it. It was totally fresh and transparent. Here it is:

While returning back, I saw this location with vineyards and farm houses at a distance and haystacks. I came back to this spot the next day and I had to sit at a distance from the scene on a slope across the road. I liked the perspective of the vast scene in front of me. Here is the painting.

On the whole it was fun all the way, I could see the light and atmosphere one could capture while doing painting outdoors. I should more of this in London!