Sunday 30 September 2012

Lubeck in winter and in summer!

Lubeck, in winter and in summer!

When I visited the old city of Lubeck, in Northern Germany last year, it was January and in the grip of freezing weather. I made a painting of what I saw at that time. It is here:

Arches 640 Rough 37x48 Cm

I happened to revisit the same scene last month ie in the beginning of August and made a painting of the same scene from a different view. It is here:

Arches 640 Rough 37x48 Cm

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Thursday 20 September 2012

Buxtehude, Altesland, Germany

The biggest orchards in Germany are in Altesland near Hamburg. This August we were taken there by a friend to taste cherries and strawberries straight from the orchards. So juicy and succulent they were, we consumed almost a kilo of each!

That is for the aside, this painting is based on the photo taken by me while returning through the town of Buxtehude from the moving car- I was not driving of course!


Paper: Canson Fineface 150gms
Size: 50x35cm
Comments and criticisms welcome!

Friday 14 September 2012

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

With an average of 450,000 passengers a day, the Hamburg Central station is the busiest in Germany and after the Gare du Nord in Paris, the second busiest in Europe. As a landmark of Hamburg, it is rather unsung! All city sightseeing tours take off from here but it never gets mentioned by the tour guides! The imposing architecture forms an impressive backdrop of this cityscape, no wonder I got trapped into painting this complicated structure.

Arches 140lb Rough watercolour paper. 37 x 52 cm Windsor and Newton paints.
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Monday 10 September 2012

Go Green!

Just narrowly survived doing a green painting! Summer foliage is always too much of a challenge, abandoned the painting twice before retrieving it! This is part of my walking route close to home; The Alster river is just a stream which flows into the city centre and forms the Inner and Outer Lakes of Hamburg!
Arches 140lb Rough, 40x30 cm W and N colours! Thanks for viewing! C and   C welcome!