Saturday 28 January 2012

Town Council Rathouse Square, Hamburg

Rathouse Square, Hamburg
Watercolour on paper
32x49 Cm (Unframed)
 Using a photo reference from  June 2011, I painted this cityscape. This painting has been added to the collection of my paintings in the ongoing painting exhibition in Hamburg. Thanks for viewing. May be my next posting shall not be in the near future, at least till I come back from India by end Feb. Thanks for viewing!

Saturday 21 January 2012

Hamburg Painting

A very  busy thoroughfare in the Hamburg city centre (the street is called Ballindam) along the inner lake area is painted here. I purposely avoided any life in the form of rush hour traffic and multitude of human activity to create a contrasting mood. I tried many floated washes of primaries to obtain a granular effect on paper. It is an experiment with pigments and I loved doing it and the end result is to my satisfaction. Hope you all will enjoy looking at it too!

Ballindam, Hamburg
Watercolour on paper
35x53 Cm (Unframed)
53x73 Cm (Framed)

Thursday 12 January 2012

Endless Waiting! Come Soonest!

The wait continues! My plans to do some snow paintings remain unfulfilled, the snow not showing up so far! I had to dig out last year's photos to do this one, again a painting of Tor Haus, just a stone's throw from where we live along the Alster stream. 'Painting snow' is a misnomer, I did not do anything but let the white of the paper represent snow!

Tor Haus, Hamburg
Watercolour on paper (Arches 640 gms Rough)
33x51 cm 
Happy Pongal to all!
(due on 15 Jan 2012)
Happy viewing!