Monday 25 April 2011

Cap van San Diego, Hamburg

I took a picture of this vessel sometime in Dec/Jan, as soon as we reached Hamburg but never got down to paint it, till I was invited for a painters' session by fellow painter Beth when I visited Ithaca(NY) this month.

We were at Chris Zinder's place, going through her fabulous works ( before we sat down to do some painting. (It was very cold outside so we were forced to paint indoors only). For want of any ideas I started to do this painting. Here are some pictures of the day:

 Beth and Chris

Chris and me!

I could do only the sky and the water and finished it later at my son's place. The finished painting is here:

 After returning to Hamburg I did the same painting on a bigger paper, which is here:

I should thank Beth and Chris for the wonderful hospitality and looking forward to do more painting sessions in future. 

The place is Hamburg's St Pauli ferry landing area and the name of the ship is: Cap van San Diego. Enjoy the paintings, thanks for looking!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Poor man's MF Hussain

I heard that MF Hussain is going to paint actor Vidya Balan in nude. It is unknown if Vidya Balan is going to pose for this painting, but I had a go myself with a picture of her, just for the fun of it.

Happy Easter holidays! Thanks for viewing.