Monday 27 June 2011

Lubeck, Northern Germany

This is again a serene scene from the quaint city of Lubeck, an hour's drive away from Hamburg, Germany. It was on the canvas for quite a while, but got finished today before I pack off to Delhi for three months. Hope to keep the brushes wet but you can never tell with Delhi. Happy viewing!

Have a nice day!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Portrait of an Artist - by another (budding) Artist (5years old!)

Portrait of an Artist - by another (budding) Artist (5years old!)

The last weekend I had the honour of having my portrait made by another young and budding artist in London! My grand nephew Pranav, 5 years old, for whose forthcoming birth day I presented a portrait of him(see an earlier blog post here). He was so thrilled and his immediate reaction was to pick a pencil and paper and to make a caricature portrait of me in 10 minutes! This was the highlight of our weekend London visit to attend our grand niece Priyanka's birthday! She also got my portrait of her as her present!
 Portrait of me done by Pranav!

Pranav's portrait done by me!

It looks like a mutual admiration club! Pranav has amazing talents in drawing, painting and caricature! Lots of potential for a future artist! Thanks for viewing!