Wednesday 19 August 2009

Townscape: Puy leVeque, on the river Lot, France

Puy l'Evêque is a town on the banks of the river Lot(France). The townscape with the mountain backdrop gives a great panoramic view especially from the other bank of the river from where the photo was taken. I was inspired by the view at first sight, but after doing a sketch I realised how complicated it is as a subject. So many buildings, trees, bushes, the river and the reflection, you name it. So I went in for a grand scale simplification, confined to fewer colours, one small area at a time, took long to complete, just when I thought it is done, realized I forgot the two top left hand trees and the backdrop mountains! It is done now and I am happy!
52cm x 48 cm Bockingboard 200gms rough and SAA paints.
C&C welcome!

Here is the panoramic photo I took:

Here is the painting:

Thursday 13 August 2009

The Valentre Bridge is a landmark bridge of Cahors, the capital of the region which is also famous for its Cahors wines. This bridge is supposed to be the only 'fortified bridge' in all of Europe! I visited this town in July this year and this is my 6th painting from that trip! Am I not inspired! Here is the reference photo taken by me which I faithfully followed in the painting.

Here is the painting. I made this painting on Bockingboard 200lb rough paper, 52cm x 31cm. Used SAA artist tubes.

I made special effort to portray the grass in the right hand side, using masking fluid, toothbrush to spray the paint in many layers waiting for one layer to dry before the next spray. I like the result, though it was hard work! Thanks for viewing and comments and criticisms welcome!

Sunday 9 August 2009

St Martin le Redon, Lot region, France, 2 paintings with one subject

The focal point is the same building but one is from the front and the other is from behind. I like both the angles, so decided to make two different paintings.
The first one is done using half sheet of Lanaquarelle 300gms Rough and the second one with Arches 300gms Rough as I finished with Lanaquarelle stock! SAA artist tubes of raw sienna, rose madder, burnt umber, burnt sienna, sap green, cobalt blue and french ultramarine made up my palette. Comments and criticism welcome, as always!
First painting:

Second painting: