Thursday 8 September 2011

Dark clouds in Delhi (monsoon) Sky

 This is a panoramic view of the North and South Blocks viewed from Rajpath in New Delhi. Important government ministries are located in these historical buildings, the road leading to the gates of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan (President's residence). Myself having spent considerable years in South Block and its surroundings, this image is well-etched in my memory. Since I am back in Delhi to relive those days, I thought I should put the magnificent edifices in a painting before I once again move away from this historic city. Here is the painting:
The clouds are indicative of the monsoon season and the North Block is bathed in the sunlight sneaking out of the clouds on top of the South Block. (Arches Watercolour 300gms 40x30 cm). Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!

1 comment:

  1. Loved your painting n the mood it creates ... Raisina Hill lit up in the magical elecric hues of monsoons ...just needed a human or two :)